Woah, We’re Halfway There

Day 28. BIG MOMENT – I’M OFFICIALLY PAST HALF WAY! It felt amazing to conquer Scotland, now it’s time to kick on and finish England even quicker.

Day 17 Key Stat Update!

275 miles done and dusted 16 miles per day average (at the high end of my target range!) 158 hours travelling time Max elevation: 351m/1151ft (the unforgettable Rannoch Moor) Feels really good to see these numbers, and makes me think of why I’m doing this in the first place. 100 years since WW1, where so …

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9 days to go!

It seems like yesterday that I was saying we have eight months to go, now it’s less than two weeks! All through the last 12 months I have been living, breathing and sleeping all things Paddle of Britain and it is now almost time to set off.

Fog on the Tyne?

Last week, I hit the Tyne for a promo photoshoot with renowned photographer and all-round top bloke, Simon Williams. A grey day but great fun nonetheless!